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The rules of battle - Jesse Hyttinen

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hi and welcome to the Matladpi blog!

When two treespeak users meet, they may end up fighting each other. If this is the case, the winner usually has a larger tsm, excluding the fact that one or both of them could use other weapons as well. If they only used other weapons, that would be another case.

The first that manages to start a spell, may have an advantage. If the other fails to counter this spell, the wounds could end to be lethal if no protective spells were active. An armor could be useful in this case as well. But, if the other manages to counter the spell, the one who started must make a finishing dispel on the spell. Failure in this case would be more lethal than failure in the counterspell, as the spell has intensified, due to the laws of vertex edge algebra.

In other words, one battle scene consists of an initial spell (T1), then a counter spell (T2) and a final dispelling spell (T3). When one battle scene is over, another one could be started right away, usually by the first counter attacker as the other is still clearing his state of mind from the use of dispel. In the case of multiple opponents versus one, one must be adept in multitasking, should the opponents be able to use treespeak.

No one in the world of treespeak knows the maximum possible tsm, even if there was a limit. Or, at least, no known being has this knowledge. Classical thinkers have the idea that the maximum tsm would be 100 and more modern thinkers have thought of it being as large as 300. In a mathematical sense, there should be no upper limit, as a tree can be arbitrarily large. It is only due to the limitations of a mind, that the limit would exist. The mind of a god? That would be another story...

I am Jesse Sakari Hyttinen and I will see you in the next post!

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