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  • Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

One theorem started it all - Jesse Hyttinen

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

In the world of treespeak, the use of mathematical spell casting started right after the theorem of sum forms was discovered. Trees are, after all, partitions. But the quest for mastering treespeak is a never ending process, asking for a sacrifice no fully sane person would give.

In the hope of increasing tsm, some may even go to the heights so fearsome no one has ever come back safely from. But the thought that one could even manipulate molecules as complex as DNA interests many. This level of tsm would thus grant access to modifying one's own condition matrices and break the limits of the natural laws themselves - surpassing the flaws mere mortals have and entering the supernatural zone.

The competition is rough, and some have found other glitches in the natural system. For example, certain neurological stimulation with the finest equipment one can gather, could be a substitute to the direct DNA manipulation. And require a much smaller yet high tsm.

There also may be some unknown substances that could ask for even smaller tsm values. And still grant the same result one was hoping for. Nevertheless, all of the ways mentioned are very dangerous, and may even cause some conditions that could be considered high level, uncurable curses.

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