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  • Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

Some milestones in Treespeak that are possible

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Skill levels in Treespeak

Examples of Treespeak times, index +1 Novice: Tsm 0-11 --- t >= 10s / rooted tree Apprentice: Tsm 0-11 --- t € [7s ; 10s[ / rooted tree Journeyman: Tsm 0-11 --- t € [5s ; 7s[ / rooted tree Adept: Ts

One theorem started it all - Jesse Hyttinen

In the world of treespeak, the use of mathematical spell casting started right after the theorem of sum forms was discovered. Trees are, after all, partitions. But the quest for mastering treespeak is

I see... code - Jesse Hyttinen

Hi and welcome to the Matladpi blog! I have been doing some python code for about a month, and I have posted four versions of the code in the code section. Added the last version today. Go check them


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