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  • Jesse Sakari Hyttinen

The mysterious Dr. Depth - Jesse Hyttinen

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hi and welcome to the Matladpi blog!

In the depths of the ocean there lurks many nasty creatures. The need for precious resources had driven people to go mine them directly from the bottom of the grand sea, and this had called for action in the development of usable equipment as well. Dr. Depth was his name, the one who was trusted with this task, with current whereabouts unknown.

But sure is the fact that the machinery used is his design, from protective depth suits and service bots to heavy class mining machines. There is a rumour that Depth has something to do with the depth pirates, although contradictory to this, his equipment were purposefully designed to fight against these sorts of threats. Whatever his cause, the mining areas have since been abandoned with service bots now running on their own and attacking anyone in their sight. Their true purpose was to help with meaningful tasks around the mining areas and defend personnel when needed. But now they are without a rightful purpose - defending ghosts.

Maybe Depth actually wanted that his bots would be there for the eternity, as to keep the curious ones at bay. He sure was analytical and accurate in his calculations, and made sure no one would find his secrets. After all, they were his life's work that he had uncovered during his years as the main engineer and architect.

Depth also had created the ultimate killing machine that was the last defence between him and the enemy - The depthcanoid, a human like robot in a heavily armoured exo skeleton, with advanced combat systems to maybe even kill the B^3 Jack himself. For he knew that he was not alone in the ocean - but in a dark alley with the creeps themselves.

I am Jesse Sakari Hyttinen and I will see you in the next post!

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