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The deadly one - Jesse Hyttinen

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hi and welcome to the Matladpi blog!

In the depths of the ocean in the world of treespeak, there is lurking a creature known for wrecking ships and killing the sailors and adventurers alike. The creature has a name: Depth's death.

No matter how you look at it, those ultra sharp blades in the tips of the tentacles and chaos imbued armor plate make sure no one will escape from this creature. Depth's death is one of the most deadliest and dangerous inhabitants of the ocean, and there should be no arguments against it.

Should one meet this horrifying creature, the best bet would be to use the best armaments in disposal or alternatively, just run away. Usually, getting the hell out of there would be preferred, as no one has been seen to actually kill the Depth's death. Njäf! said.

I am Jesse Sakari Hyttinen and I will see you in the next post!

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