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What is your TSM? - Jesse Hyttinen

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hi and welcome to the Matladpi blog!

In the world of treespeak, TSM, also known as tree size metric, is a way to measure one's capabilities as a user of treespeak. For example, if my tsm was 18, that means I would be able to generate trees with sizes up to 18, without much effort.

To measure tsm, one needs to seamlessly enumerate rooted trees up to a chosen tree size, and the result must be free of errors. To harden the task, a universal time limit of exp(pi) + n seconds (n is the size of tree) per enumeration row, may be used. This time limit is especially used among the ranks of theorists.

As the number of enumeration rows increases at least as values of an order 2 polynomial function, the task of evaluating the tsm quite quickly becomes a hard task. As this is the case, some gifted ones never discover their full potential, and are left without intellectual nurturing.

Tsm directly affects the capabilities of a treespeak user, and the opponent may just win by picking a tree size the other is not fluent with. Underestimating the tsm of someone in the world of treespeak is unfortunately quite common, as many strive to be the best.

Njäf! said.

I am Jesse Sakari Hyttinen and I will see you in the next post!

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