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Back! - Jesse Hyttinen

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I'm back! Made a book about the tree generation and enumeration triplet and ready to post more content!

I have changed the subtitle of my site to include other math ideas, science fiction and equation solving in addition to the good ol' tree generation and enumeration. The reasons I quit making posts for a good while were the making of my book and the fact that pure tree generation, especially the generation of the graphical forms, was getting more and more demanding, as the tree quantities exponentially rose due to their mathematical properties.

The content from now on will be blog posts about four topics: tree generation and enumeration triplet, science fiction, equation solving and other math ideas.

The science fiction topic will be constructed around the tree generation and enumeration triplet. Due to ease of use, the triplet's generation side will be using basic arithmetical symbols as a simplified version of the vertex edge algebra: the language of the triplet's tree generation algorithm. However, there may still be posts with the original language. 

Equation solving will include many types of equations, and will start from the basics all the way to the more difficult or trickier ones. These posts will almost certainly include pictures.

And then there are the other math ideas. The topics may vary wildly, and I might post about some more original ideas as well. One of my original ideas, the tree generation and enumeration triplet, will not be discussed in this topic.

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