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TGA in action! - Jesse Hyttinen

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


As my previous post was a bit short, I make it up to you readers right now. Here is the solution to the brain teaser (list all partitions of the integer 9):

What comes to rooted tree generation, one has to solve the partition equation with setting root vertex and internal vertices as bases and letting other objects act as partition numbers. Here is the process for rooted tree generation when v = 4:

Here is some more added info to the case v = 4:

...And another example, case v = 6:

I also generated the actual graphical presentations:

Here this post ends. In the next post I will continue explaining rooted tree generation with more examples. But before that, a little brain teaser:

Use TGA to generate all rooted rooted trees with v = 5. List the phases in the same manner as in this post. Compare the process with the one of listing all partitions of the integer 4. How do these differ?

I will see you next time!

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